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The Homoeopathic Physician must have an extraordinary comprehensive knowledge of drugs in order to practice success therapy, whereas his Allopathic colleague may be able to manage with limited drugs. He must look for his "Similinum" out of a vast number of Drugs & their correct potency. Which is matter of a years of experience. the modern patient expects a rapid commencement of action by the drug. If he does not receive aid speedily he will seek medical advice elsewhere.

The Homoeopathic Physician can overcome these difficulties to a certain extent by giving preference to HOMOEO COMPLEXES rather than an individual drug on a trial basis. The dynamic Homoeo complexes are mixtures of Homoeopathic preparations which are complementary and have synergistic action over each other. For their composition we are partly indebted to prominent homoeopaths and partly to development in our experimental, therapeutic laboratory. Although the single component has in some cases the same point of attack and in other different pharmacological target. But a complex intervenes at several points. As well as they may be superior to single agent in certain circumstances. Or after giving giving a high dose of constitutional medicine. One can very well follow up with complex tablets and specific drops as the case may be for relieving the outward manifestations of any disease.

The doctors who have not yet in a close acquaintance with homoeopathy will welcome the homoeopathic complexes for complicated and chronic disease.
We should add that Dr. SAMUEL HAHNEMANN himself employed combinations and was impressed by their efficacy. We have for many years made a line of complexes, each of which has its specific use in the treatment of diseases. These complexes are made from ORIGINAL homoeopathic triturations and back potencies. Only the purest ingredients are used after prolonged research and thorough testing at every stage. No safeguard has been omitted in their manufacture and we submit them to the profession with the confident belief that there were no finer therapeutic agents of their class obtainable.

The Homoeopathic complexes have won the confidence of the modern Homoeopathic Doctors in India and other countries as far as the efficacy and dependability are concerned.
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